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"Island Hopping Langkawi is arguably the most POPULAR activity on the islands and no surprise as it offers visitors an opportunity to explore some of Langkawi’s stunning islets The islands around the main Langkawi island are known for their verdant jungles, limestone formations & caves, and unique wildlife that roams freely"

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Fancy a day spent visiting the pristine islets of Langkawi Island? Then look no further than the Langkawi Island Hopping & Eagle Feeding Tour which takes you on a journey to discover the fabled sights of some of Langkawi’s most gorgeous islets. 


  • Departure Time: 9.15AM & 2.00PM
  • Duration: 4Hours

Hotel transfer available with extra charge

  • Cenang Area : RM40 (4 Seater) RM60 (6 Seater)
  • Outside Cenang : RM80 (4 Seater) RM120 (6 Seater)

Things you should read

  • Life Jacket is provided and must be wear along the trip
  • Free of charges to children below 3 years old.
  • Guest 3 years old and above is counted as one pax.
  • If you are pregnant or have back, neck, joint, or muscular problems, you should carefully consider whether to participate.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, please take any necessary precautions. Consult a medical professional before taking any medication.
  • At least 2 people are required for this activity to take place.

Sharing Basis

Join others and get cheaper
RM35 / Person
  • Pregnant Maiden Island
  • Eagle Feeding at Singa Besar Island
  • Beras Basah Island
  • Entrance Fees at Pregnant Maiden Lake
  • Snorkelling Set

Private Chartered

Spend your day with privacy
RM300 / Boat
  • Pregnant Maiden Island
  • Eagle Feeding at Singa Besar Island
  • Beras Basah Island
  • Entrance Fees at Pregnant Maiden Lake
  • Snorkelling Set

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Explore the uniqueness of Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park!

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What You Should Expect During Island Hopping Langkawi?

Island Hopping Langkawi

Island Hopping Langkawi is probably the most popular boat tour in Langkawi. The tour starts at 9.00 in the morning for 4 hours.It covers three islands that include wonderful scenic islands to the south of the main island of Langkawi and eagle feeding where you can watch the marvelous spectacle of many eagles swooping down from the sky to catch their prey on the water. 
The two islands offer plenty of activities including swimming in a scenic freshwater lake, paddle boating, snorkeling from the soft sandy beach, lounging and sunbathing, or just relaxing and enjoying the stunning scenery all around.
 The island hopping langkawi tours usually start from Teluk Baru Jetty located in the southern part of Pantai Tengah and before Resorts World or Star Cruise Jetty. So if you are staying at Pantai Tengah or Pantai Cenang areas, the island hopping tours would be very convenient.
Island Hopping Langkawi
Island Hopping Langkawi

Explore Pulau Dayang Bunting

This is the first island you will be visiting. It takes about 20 minutes to reach this fascinating island from Teluk Baru jetty. A total of 1 hour is given for you to spend here. This includes 10 to 12 minutes one-way walk up the long flight of stairs to go up the mountain and down from the other side to reach the wonderful Lake of the Pregnant Maiden and same way back. So come prepared for this nice trek and carry water bottles. 
This is a wonderful scenic freshwater lake surrounded by mountains that are covered with dense forests. The lake was formed when a large underwater cave collapsed many years back. You will also see large limestone formations. 
Pulau Dayang Bunting is part of UNESCO World Heritage Geoparks.
 Here you can indulge into several activities like swimming at the lake, solar paddle boating (at extra charge), natural catfish spa at designated areas to clean up dead cells from your feet, walk through the forest and see the Miracle Border where the lake is separated from the sea by a thin rocky ridge, or just lounge on the wooden planks next to the lake. 
From the lake, if you look at the mountains at the fringes, you can clearly see an outline of a woman lying on her back who is 6-7 months pregnant, and thus the name of the lake. 
There are paddle boats available here. Each has a capacity of 2 to 3 persons. If you do not plan to swim, then this is a good way of going around the lake and sightseeing. Paddleboat ride costs extra. 
Having enjoyed Dayang Bunting island and the lake for about 40 minutes, you will walk back to the island jetty to get back to your boat. The next stop is Pulau Singa Besar. 


Eagle Feeding Activity at Pulau Singa Besar

Langkawi Eagle feeding is a must activity when you take the island hoping Langkawi Tour. The feast begins as the boat circling around while revving it’s engine. This is to make sure the chicken skin to be scattered around and the eagles will flying around and snatch the floating chicken skin.

The reason why the eagle is often around when they hear the revving boat engine is because, the fishermen often discard small fishes caught in their nets, which made for easy pickings for the eagles.

If you are lucky, there more than hundred eagle waiting and will have some hunting ‘show’ for the tourist. The most anticipated bird in the mangroves of Langkawi’s mangroves among bird enthusiasts is the Brown-winged Kingfisher (Pelargopsis amauroptera, Burung Pekaka Emas Bakau). Near-threatened bird of Langkawi, Malaysia and Red Eagle or Brahminy kite.

Red Eagle or Brahminy kite nowhere to be found accept in Langkawi, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. This is one the reason a nature’s lover have to come here and catch a sight of The Red Eagle of Langkawi during mangrove tour langkawi.


Island Hopping Langkawi
Island Hopping Langkawi

Relaxing at White Sandy Beach of Pulau Beras Basah

This island is the last stop for the island hopping langkawi tour. The name literally means “Island of wet rice”. This is a picture perfect island with far reaching views of the sea and wonderful soft white sands. It’s a great place for the beach lovers and swimmers. There is a stall that offers banana boating, jet skis, Parasailing and also beer and some snacks.  
Get your snorkel gears if you love snorkeling. This is an excellent snorkeling spot and you will get to see lots of fish and colorful marine life. Sometimes due to the passing boats, the water gets murky and the water visibility could drop to a meter or so. This is when snorkeling won’t be ideal.

 The island is an excellent place to relax. You will get about one hour here. So after a tiring day under the scorching sun, if you just want to lounge and relax, find one of the many shady trees and enjoy the views as the gentle breeze flows. Otherwise, take a stroll along the old pier at the island. 
I would suggest that you bring your own food and beach blanket if you plan to do a picnic here. Note that there are plenty of monkeys around who will be constantly targeting your food. So be careful and do not go near them or instigate them in any way. The monkeys often pull the rubbish out of the beans and make the area quite dirty. Due to heavy tourist flow, the island and the beach can get quite crowded at times. 
After about an hour at Pulau Beras Basah, you will head back to the Teluk Baru Jetty and then back to your hotel. 

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Island Hopping Langkawi
Island Hopping Langkawi

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Island Hopping Langkawi
Island Hopping Langkawi

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What people says about us

We work very hard to ensure you experience the best Island Hopping Langkawi

We headed around three islands of Langkawi with this trip. You begin by heading off a bustling jetty taking a boat to three different areas. Essentially you visit two islands and stay on the boat whilst eagles (and a few seagulls!) dive down into the sea. The freshwater lake is nice though obviously touristy, then the final coral island quite beautiful. A good price to do something that shows off the simple beauty of these islands here.

Sehgal, United Kingdom

We visited muliple places in a boat crusing along the beautiful blue sea ,, actually i would say green .. the pregnant lady lake was our first stop .. clean and pristine but very crowded .. the most beautiful part was the trek from the harbour to the lake ... the next stop was an island with lots of monkeys who were eating right off your hands .. the third stop was eagle feding .. the guide throws foo in the sea and the eagles come allover to pounce it .. it was a lovely trip and we had a sea a little rough which added to the adventure

Janice, France

If you went to Langkawi and do not complete the Boat trip through Island, your journey will be not worthy!!! The thrill, suspense and attraction on boat trip. Must do!!

Aliya, Kuala Lumpur

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